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I would have made this a poll buuuuut yeahnomembership

I am curioussss
Floofpants by Frilled-Aten
Was working on a Grem2 design and yeah

But I like how emo style it looks? ?????
At 70k views

You get a doodley sketchy thing *o*
(Sorry that's kind of all I'm limited to right now lol)

-throws pen into the air-
:star: UPDATE: :star:

Angel found a part time job recently, but it pays enough to at least let us live here still.
Sadly, we can't do much else such as buying food and things.

But, at least we have somewhere to live~


To be more specific on why he didn't make the list..

The HR lady also wanted to get him on the list, but she explained that she cannot because of his schooling.
Even though he has the education and all, they want a degree from a UNIVERSITY. A fucking university.

That's the reason they won't take him.
So fucking stupid.

What's the damn point in having other colleges, when you need a University to go anywhere in life, like wtf.
It's a damn city job lmao.



The HR  lady called angel yesterday... They will not be putting him on the list.

No job.


More of an unemployment update. Got a reply in the mail finally, and apparently we're not able to get a claim.
So we're going to have to try again in a month or so U:


First off, the good news;
It sounds like Angel will be on the list.

Now the not so good news.
So a while ago they said that they require an associates degree to be hired there. Angel's transcripts and such had no proof of this, so today we finally went back down to UEI to get some proof.

Well, apparently he does NOT have an associates equivalent, because he is missing ~20 credits.
So. We're going to let District HR know, and see what they say, and if maybe they can make this minor exception. I mean, it's not like he didn't go to school, and he is clearly capable of the job.
But, he's also going to offer to go back to school to finish up those last credits. So hopefully they like and approve of that at least.

If not, then that's it. The end.


So yeah, last Friday was his last day. He gets his last check this Friday, but not like it matters since it's all going straight to rent. unu

His manager said his application answers looked very good, and he should have a high chance of getting on the list.

So now we're just waiting. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.
After this month of paid rent, we're going to have to move out if they don't finish by then, or hire him at all.

I would want to stay at my parents place, but it's only a 1 bed. :/

So hopefully they don't take too long.. If they do, then hopefully they hire him -sigh-
We're going to try to see if we can file for unemployment again in a few minutes.. I have a WIC appointment tomorrow, so hopefully we can get some help with that as well.

-rolls under rug-


Okay so, Angel told me that his job will be opening the permanent position this week. They will have it open for about 2 weeks, then create the list from those people.

Also, apparently his manager said that he may be able to influence DHR a little bit, to try to make sure he makes the list.
So we might have an even better chance than we thought. c:

Also, they start pay at 48k a year, which is about $26/hr or $4k/month. Which is like, literally DOUBLE what he's been making with his other jobs.
We'll have so much more wiggle room with money, and more choices to live.

So omg guys. This is it.
This. Is. It.

Now we just wait and see what happens..
Sadly, it will take about 1 month to 3 months for it to all happen, so I'll need financial help since we'll be unemployed during that time.
But, it will be damn worth it if he gets this job.


Figured I would combine the two journals, as well as with an update.

First off, his termination date is finally official; He will be laid off on the 29th of this month.
So next week will be his last, and we'll be unemployed again.
(And we're not even done fully paying the rent we owe, ugh..)

His boss hasn't asked HR about his extension yet though, so we may still have that chance. We just have to wait and see.

BUT, the good half of it!

The people he works for and with love Angel.
They love that he gets things done, and he's just an overall fabulous worker and human being.

His boss and peoples told him that he is HIRED for sure, IF he gets past the first step, which is controlled by the District HR.
Sadly, Angel's people have NO say in that step, it is fully up to the District HR.
But once he passes HR, they said he is hired for sure. They are choosing him.
They're even going to help him with the questions and such for that first section.

So please send hope, prayers, whatever it is you do; that Angel gets passed the HR section of the hiring process.
Because we'll be set if so. And it will give us so much relief (unless he gets fired during his probation period).*

* This job is a city job. Once hired, you have a 1 year probation period, in which they can fire you whenever and for whatever reason. But once you pass that first year, you're pretty much in forever, unless you like.. stab someone or something.

So if we get this job, and pass the first year (which should be no issue since his team likes him), we don't have to worry about being unemployed again, at least for a long while. We don't have to worry about what pet(s) we'll have to re-home, what we'll have to sell, where we'll live.. etc.
That will all be a thing of the past.

So I really hope we get this; because I'm damn sure the next job we get will lay him off in a year, or year and a half, and it'll just be a never-ending circle I:
Dessy -CM- by Frilled-Aten
Dessy -CM-
Doodlies for Desrteskimo
Went all out with the big draggiebutt uvu
I hope that makes up for messing up Suvok -sob-

Hope ya like! *U*

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